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I'm an entrepreneur, strategy consultant, political advisor, and depression survivor.

I founded of Cfusion Inc., manufacturer of the patent-pending Cfusion Home Infusion Kits, in 2018. Our Cfusion Home Kit creates cannabis-infused edible products that I use daily medicinally to treat depression.

As a strategy consultant, I've worked for SECOR Consulting (now KMPG) and The Boston Consulting Group. My major clients were Alliance Atlantis, where I advised on brand monetization, and De Beers Canada, where I advised on joint venture management.


As a political advisor, I've spent eight years with the Harper Government in roles including Director of Policy to Jim Flaherty and Tony Clement. My input in this roles touched all aspects of Canadian fiscal policy.


I'm an avid yoga practitioner and occasional instructor, as well as holding an MA in economics and an MBA from Queen's University.